Computing Resources

Where do we compute?

Maison de la Simulation collaborates with many supercomputing centers in Europe (PRACE) and France (GENCI). We are strongly connected to the French ecosystem (IDRIS, CINES, TGCC). Thanks to several local computing and visualisation facilities, the Maison de la Simulation can evaluate the performance of its codes and libraries without dependency or quota.

Mandelbrot platform

Mandelbrot is a scientific visualization platform for processing and analyzing data from numerical simulations or instruments (MRI, for example). It was installed in 2014 as part of the Digiscope project and is regularly updated.

Moulon Mécocentre – Ruche

Moulon Mésocentre gathers the computing resources of the Paris-Scalay University. Ruche is the name of the currently active super-computer. Maison de la Simulation has participated to the acquisition of the Ruche system. – to find out more

TGCC – Irène

TGCC (Très Grand Centre de Calcul du CEA) is an infrastructure for scientific high-performance computing and Big Data that hosts petascale supercomputers. It hosts the Irene Joliot-Curie Supercomputer also in the PRACE program. – to find out more

Idris – Jean-Zay

The Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific Computing (IDRIS) is a center of excellence in intensive numerical calculations that serve extreme computing research branches. This concerns the application aspects (large-scale simulations) and the research inherent to high-performance computation. – to find out more


CINES (National Computing Center for Higher Education) is a French public institution located in Montpellier (south of France) and supervised by the French Ministry for Higher Education and Research. – to find out more