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Maison de la Simulation supports the development of the AMITEX application regarding HPC questions (MPI, GPU…) Find out more… here

Related expertise: GPU programming


Dyablo is a framework for developing parallel applications using the adaptive mesh refinement of the PABLO library and hierarchical parallelism (MPI + Kokkos).

Related expertise: parallelism, AMR, modern C++

DDC (a Discrete Domain Computation library) is a header-only C++ library that implements tools for multi-dimensional meshes. It provides a multi-dimensional container (based on C++23 mdspan), iterators over geometric elements, and type-safe array indexing. Giving a mesh semantic to algorithms allows writing either mesh-generic algorithms or, on the contrary, optimized algorithms for specific types of meshes. Find out more…

Related expertise: parallelism, modern C++

PDI (the PDI Data Interface) supports loose coupling of simulation codes with libraries: the simulation code is annotated in a library-agnostic way and used from the specification tree. This approach works well for several concerns, including parameters reading, data initialization, post-processing, result storage to disk, visualization, fault tolerance, logging, inclusion as part of code-coupling, inclusion as part of an ensemble run, etc. Find out more…

Related expertise: modern C++, programming models

PQbits (Parallel Qubits) is a C++ library for emulating a quantum computer and understanding, exploring, and testing quantum algorithms. A Python interface that uses the C++ code as a backend is also available. In addition to the essential utilities and algorithms, the library progressively incorporates high-level examples in various fields (quantum chemistry, condensed matter, combinatorial optimization, etc.) accompanied by very detailed documentation. The C++ library works parallel in SMP, MPI, and GPU modes. This software environment was developed by Victor Alessandrini.

Related expertise: quantum computing

Smilei is an open-source massively parallel Particle-In-Cell code dedicated to strong-field laser-matter interaction, laboratory astrophysics, and particle acceleration. Find out more…

Related expertise: vectorization, node-level optimization, GPU programing

TiledViz is a web application developed at the Maison de la Simulation. It enables to manage sets of simulation results from a post-processing server and displays them in a predetermined order by analyzing the metadata associated with the images. to find out more

YML is a research project that aims to provide tools for using global computing middleware such as GRID, Peer to Peer, and a metacomputing environment. YML software architecture enables the definition of parallel application independently of the underlying middleware used. Parallel applications are defined using a workflow language called YvetteML. Find out more…

Related expertise: programming models